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Store Policy

Resale & Redistribution

Here at Retro Elle, we have taken alot of time to develop natural, quality ingredients for our customers that we take pride in. Under no circumstance are you to re-sale or re-distribute our products as your own or under your own label. That is illegal and legal action will be taken if you do. ONLY contracted wholesale retailers are ALLOWED to sell our products under own terms and agreements. 

Coupon Codes

Retro Elle creates different discount codes throughout the year. Discount codes may not be combined with other discount offers or promotions. Offer may not be applied to previous purchases so be sure to use coupon code before you submit your order. Some exclusions may apply so be sure to read coupon details correctly.

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards 


  • Afterpay

  • Paypal E-Reader, Square E-Reader (At in person markets and events ONLY!) NO CASH!

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